Alok Ranjan-Geography Optional Printed English [IAS] [PCS]

Alok Ranjan-Geography Optional Printed English [IAS] [PCS]

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Aabout Alok Ranjan

A comprehensive personality and seasoned scholar, Mr. Alok Ranjan’s demeanour reflects the ocean of knowledge that he has acquired over the years. He has spent the major portion of his life either gaining or imparting education. His stupendous efforts as a diligent teacher has resulted into success of thousands of Civil Servants. Mr. Ranjan has been determinedly making dreams of many civil service aspirants into a tangible reality by giving them wholesome and accurate training through Digmani Educations’ various centers.

Alok Ranjan’s hold on the subject of Geography is unmatched. His strategized study pattern for the classes at Digmani Educations has made Digmani one of the best choices for the people who opt for Geography in the examination. The centre is counted amongst the best in India for training in Geography.

ALOK RANJAN Geography Optional Notes  topics are follows :

  1. Regional development and planing
  2. Geography Geo morphology
  3. Geography resource geography (PAPER 2-VOL-2)
  4. Perspective in Human geography (PAPER 1 VOL-6)
  5. Geography India physical contemporary issues (VOLUME I & X)
  6. Geography Population (PAPER I & II)
  7. Industrial geography, trade and transport (PAPER 2 VOL-IV+V)
  9. Perspective in human geography (PAPER 1 VOL-6)
  10. Agriculture geography (PAPER-1 VOL-III)
  11. Settlement geography (PAPER I & II)
  12. Oceanography Geography (VOLUME-III)

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