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Future of Online Education In India Gains Momentum In COVID-19 Lockdown

Online education delivers education through different digital medium. where students and teachers located at different geographical locations. It is gaining momentum in current COVID-19 lockdown.

KPMG and Google market research shows that Online education market of India in 2016 was USD 247 Mn, which is expected to grow to USD 1.96 Bn by 2021 (with a CAGR of 52%, which is quite high). Internet penetration rate in India is 31% today with almost 409 Mn internet users, and nearly 735 Million new users are predicted by 2021.
Following are the popular ways to deliver online Educations
1. Webinar A seminar conducted in the online mode is referred to as a webinar. 2. Videos are helpful for students in solving exam papers and other problem areas. 3. Mock Tests are helpful to gauge the students’ progress 4. Counselling acts as a differentiator among the competitor it is either career or Exam counseling.
Online Education is Gaining popularity due to following reason
1. Internet Penetration India has an internet penetration of about 31% today, which means 409 million internet users. It is predicted that by 2021, there will be nearly 735 million internet users in India, which will lead to increase in traffic for online education players 2. Smartphone penetration: Currently, there are 290 million smartphone users in India and the user base is expected to grow with the addition of another 180 million new users by 2021. 3. Flexibility of time: This is specifically true for working professionals who have time constraints in pursuing an offline course. Pursuing a course in online mode allows a person to multi-task with other work and family commitments. 4. Quality education: There are areas in India where there is lack of quality offline education.These  are Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and other rural or semi urban areas 5. Affordability: Online courses joined at UG or PG level are much more affordable than traditional education at private school for primary and secondary school. 6. Immediate results: Online education allows candidates to get immediate results for any test that they appear for. This further helps them in preparing for exams more efficiently. 7. Uniformity of education across the areas. Students have access of good teachers. But following are the Challenges that must be addressed:- 1. Insufficient digital infrastructure across India 2. Poor Learning engagement hinders growth of students 3. Lack of Standardization of online education still a concern and their credibility and Acceptability still remain concern. 1. Ours ia a diverse country and lots of languages hinders its quality and uniformity. 2. Online courses are self-paced learning. There is minimum or negligible motivation due to lack of face-to-face interaction. Hence, the completion rate of online courses is very low. The Way Forward E-learning has a promising future it could be on its way to become the next sunrise industry. However, it is highly unlikely that it will replace traditional learning; rather both models will work in tandem. The trio of Content, Delivery and Access will act as a change-agent in shaping up online education.In the offline mode lots of good worksheets and assignments along with online discussion is growing.  In this regard EducomiQ holds niche in worksheets you can order spiral bound worksheets and solve it at home convenience.
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