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Why Anthropology Optional is better than other subjects For IAS Mains?

Anthropology Optional For IAS is often considered a favourable subject for various reasons. While it may not be universally “better” than other subjects, it offers certain advantages that appeal to many IAS aspirants. Here are some reasons why Anthropology is often chosen as a preferred optional subject:

  1. Scoring Potential: Anthropology is known for its relatively higher scoring potential in the IAS mains examination. The questions are usually straightforward and factual, making it easier to score well if you have a strong grasp of the subject matter.
  2. Limited Technical Jargon: Compared to some other optional subjects, Anthropology generally has less technical jargon. This makes it accessible to candidates from diverse academic backgrounds.
  3. Interdisciplinary Nature: Anthropology combines elements from various fields, including sociology, biology, psychology, and history. This interdisciplinary approach can help candidates relate to and understand a wide range of topics.
  4. Overlaps with General Studies: There’s a noticeable overlap between Anthropology and the General Studies papers, especially in topics related to society, culture, and human diversity. This can provide an integrated approach to preparation.
  5. Structured Syllabus: The syllabus for Anthropology is well-structured and covers a range of topics related to human evolution, society, and culture. This organized approach can aid in systematic preparation.
  6. Study Material Availability: Numerous books, study materials, and resources are available for Anthropology, making it easier for candidates to find appropriate materials for their preparation.
  7. Previous Success Stories: Many candidates who have successfully cleared the IAS examination have opted for Anthropology as their optional subject, establishing a track record of its viability.
  8. Personal Interest: If you have an inherent interest in understanding human behavior, cultures, and societies, studying Anthropology can be engaging and enjoyable.
  9. Lesser Dependency on Current Affairs: Anthropology’s content is relatively stable and doesn’t require constant updates on current affairs, as some other subjects might.

However, it’s essential to keep in mind that the “best” optional subject varies from person to person. Your choice should align with your strengths, interests, and background knowledge. While Anthropology has its advantages, other optional subjects might offer benefits that resonate more with your individual capabilities and goals. Ultimately, the right choice depends on your comfort level with the subject, your ability to prepare thoroughly, and your overall strategy for the IAS examination.

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